Eleven hosts dinner for Cure League

On Sunday, August 11, restaurant Eleven hosted a lovely dinner for 38 friends and supporters of Ryan Clark’s Cure League.  The delicious six-course meal, featuring seasonal and locally sourced foods, paired with incredible wines, was donated by the restaurant as part of its community philanthropy. Ryan and Yonka Clark attended (it was Yonka’s birthday!), joined by Dr. Mark Gladwin, Dr. Steve Shapiro, Dr. Enrico Novelli, Dr. Lakshmanan Krishnamurti, and other University of Pittsburgh physicians and scientists on the frontline of sickle cell disease research. Also attending were Leslie and Mark Giaquinto (ITxM), Dennis Allison (Ice-O-Plex, Southpointe), UPMC’s Candi Castleberry Singleton and Chaton Turner.  Very special thanks to Big Burrito restaurant group, Cary Klein, Tom Baron, and Eleven chef, Derek Stevens, for enabling the Cure League to benefit from such a wonderful evening.

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